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Crystal Structure Design AS accepts orders from any country world wide sent by fax, e-mail or post. In Japan you may alternatively order CrystalDesigner directly from Science Systems Sales, Sumisho Electronics Co., Ltd.

Please specify your e-mail, shipping and invoice address.

Both single user licenses and department licenses are available. A single user license allows you the right to install and use the software on only one computer at any time. A department license allows you to install CrystalDesigner on any computer owned by the department and on any home computer owned by a registered student or employer of the department. All our customers receive free support through e-mail.

All prices below assume that you download the software from this site. If you in addition want a set of backup discs or a backup CD, please add US$ 50 to the prices listed below. As soon as we receive your purchase order, we will send you a key code to unlock the commercial features of CrystalDesigner. Please note that only in the commercial version of CrystalDesigner you will be able to save, copy and print your own data.

Pricing for regular users
The price for a single user license of CrystalDesigner 7.1 is US $ 299 and the price for a department license of CrystalDesigner 7.1 is US $ 599.

The prices include free shipping by air mail.

Pricing for academic users
For academic institutions the price for a single user license is US $ 199 and the price for a department license is US $ 399. Please note that only high schools, colleges and universities are qualified for purchasing an academic license.

If you are a student and your department does not own a department license, a personal student license is available for US$ 79. Please note that it is not allowed to install a personal student license on a computer owned by your high school, college or university.

Upgrade from CrystalDesigner 6.0.x to Crystaldesigner 7.1 pricing

 Single user license  US$ 149
 Single user license to department license  US$ 449
 5 and 10 user license to department license  US$ 299
 20 user or site license  e-mail
 Academic single user license  US$ 99
 Academic single user license to department license  US$ 299
 Academic 5 and 10 user license to department license  US$ 199
 Academic 20 user or site license  e-mail

Payment terms
Two kinds of payment terms are available.
1. Net 30 days. Please specify your purchase order number.
2. Prepayment. We accept VISA and MasterCard. Please specify the card holder`s name, card number and expiration date.

Order address
Crystal Structure Design AS
Lønneveien 52, N-2020 Skedsmokorset, Norway
sales@crystaldesigner.no fax: +47 63 87 45 71 phone: +47 63 87 45 70

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