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What's new in CrystalDesigner 7.0

CrystalDesigner now allows visualisation of atoms on the corners of the co-ordination polyhedra. Further more, these atoms may be selected and if desirable deleted. If a corner atom is deleted, the co-ordination polyhedron will automatically be redrawn according to the new co-ordination. Beginning with this release it is also possible to record QuickTime movies.

Additional main features:

About CrystalDesigner

CrystalDesigner is a tool for building, studying and visualising all kinds of crystal structures on the Macintosh platform. CrystalDesigner is an ideal tool for both teaching and scientific studies. The software is intended to be used by students and teachers at colleges and universities, as well as in industrial research.

You can enter crystal structure data inside the program or import them from CIF files. Entering data inside a crystallography program has never been easier. All 230 space groups from the "International Tables for Crystallography" and more than 700 different atomic, covalent and ionic radii are built into the program.

The crystal structure can be viewed in four different ways; as unit cells or multiples of it; as a plane with a user defined thickness; by coordination around a selected atom within a user defined ratio; or as a molecule defined by the atom positions. All are done in separate graph windows.

The atoms in the drawing may alternatively be viewed as points, circles or spheres. Bonds between atoms can be created and viewed as lines, cones or cylinders. Groups of atoms can alternatively be viewed as polyhedra.

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